Email Marketing

Marketers should be aware that being able to segment marketing lists can always make a difference with the open rates of the email. Clickthrough rates can also be affected when the right people are sent emails that they are interested in. Emails that are non-segmented is 50% less likely to be opened by the receiver.

How are you going to segment your email? It is not something that you can do overnight. You need to be familiar with some tips and strategies inspired by emma that will allow you to segment your email properly.

  • Always check your demographic data. You can get information about the market such as their age, gender, income, and so much more. All of these details can provide you with a more detailed information of what will work best for your market. Just remember that you cannot ask too much information from your potential customers or you may scare them away.
  • Create a short survey or quiz. It is not ideal to ask for too much information so you can get the details through the survey or quiz instead. Try to keep it at around three questions maximum. The longer the quiz or the survey, the less likely that people are going to answer.
  • Try to create more active emails. Have you noticed that there are some customers who are inactive? They have not opened the email that you sent for months. You can probably offer something that will make your email hard to ignore. You can provide a limited time discount. You can also offer some coupons that they can use within a week.
  • Always consider what your customers need. There are some customers that cannot be segmented depending on their demographics. Their needs will become more important. Find out more about their needs and interests. It will help the emails that you send become noticed.
  • Know more about the different forms of lead magnets. Lead magnets will allow you to know what things your customers cannot live without. At the same time, you can determine what things interest them the most. If you want to maximize using lead magnets, you can offer more than one lead magnet at a time. The customer can click on the lead magnet that he/she is interested in the most. For example, you can offer five different guides on fashion. The customer will click on the type of fashion that he/she likes the most.

Are you ready to take email marketing to a whole new level? Consider the tips and strategies that are mentioned above. Email segmentation will definitely improve the way that your potential customers will react to your email. The more that they click on your email, the better chances that you are going to sell your items or promote your services.