What defines the best bars in L.A.? It could be about a Scottish fancy whisky brand with the most extravagant facilities in a hotel, a mechanical bull being featured as a cowboy’s dream place, a karaoke bar where the greatest voices are heard, or a secret cocktail tasting where the dim light guides you for a night.

£10 bar in the Montage Beverly Hills

Being a record holder of the Guinness Book of World Records for selling the most expensive whisky in the world, £10 bar offers the fanciest drinking experiences at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel, Los Angeles with a rare yet luxurious collection of The Macallan’s whisky which is only available at four bars around the globe. Served with ice imported from the Scottish Highlands, the finest spirits are contained in Lalique crystal glassware with authentic ingredients. The guests can enjoy being surrounded by the exotic furniture from American-Canadian interior designer Nina Petronzio’s Plush Home collection while overlooking the artsy Beverly Canon Gardens.

Old West Days at Saddle Ranch Chop House

For every cowboy’s dream there is an outdoor patio with stone campfire accompanying a group of good friends. Founded in 1999, Saddle Ranch Chop House’s signature drink Ranch AMF (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, sweet and sour, Blue Curaçao) signifies the good ol’ mix of ranch-style house and an oval-shaped bar with a mechanical bull displaying a sense of nostalgia in America. With home-sweet-home cooking and extraordinary way of hospitality, every group of visitors will feel like home surrounded by wood and stone as an in-house dining room decorated with memorabilia and western props.

Unleash the Funky Monkey at Café Brass Monkey

As wild as it sounds, this karaoke bar is located not far from the Bank of America and a sports club in the Koreatown in Los Angeles. Opening every night, the karaoke bar serves a good range of some 70 “Monkey Cocktails” like “Razzy Monkey” (Vox Vodka, DeKuyper Raspberry Rush and Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur) for a sense of nostalgia in Los Angeles. The karaoke bar attracts many beautiful voices to hit high notes, opening the gate of wilderness for an early celebration of life at 5pm from Monday to Friday, 8 pm during the weekends.

The Walker Linn: A Secret Way of Drinking Cocktails

Hidden from Koreatown’s Bohemians in L.A., there is a tranquil lounge with a huge variety of alcoholic drinks waiting for you. With a dim light shedding the wooden panels, the scene gives you a sense of secret pleasure which an adventure of tasting a range of cocktails is about to embark. A worthwhile cocktail tasting menu is $70 (or $40 if a short late-night version is available), giving you a chance to explore 5 courses of mischievously strong drinks– “Winter Citrus” (seasonal drink), “A Day & Night at Sea” (conceptual drink) or a mix of seasonal, conceptual and silly drink served in a Capri Sun pouch “Wet Hot American Summer” will be in order.

But it always depends on your mood when choosing a bar to make your Friday night well-spent. There is no one single bar that fits in your moods in 4 seasons.