Retirement. That sweet goal at the end of the tunnel. Everyone loves to dream about it, but planning it requires time and dedication. If you’re close or over 50 years old consider Thailand as one of the best options to retire early.

Why should I choose Thailand?

This exotic Asian country is a vibrant location ready to be explored. Stunning views of nature, delicious local food and an intriguing culture are some of the aspects that make Thailand one of the best destinations for tourism.

According to the US News Global Report “Best Countries 2017”, Thailand ranks in the top 30 of the bests countries for general tourism — #4 for adventure tourism and #7 for their rich cultural heritage. It’s easy to see how the low costs of accommodation and food, the large variety of activities available and the natural beauty of the country make it such a great destination for tourism.

But, what if don’t want to just take the touristic tour. Can I retire to this paradise?

Retirement in Thailand

One of the first concerns of retirement is money. With how much can I live? Will I need to get back to work halfway through my retirement? Will my pension be enough?

Let’s get this straight – several sources confirm that you can live modestly in Thailand with a 1.000$ US. Paying rent, food, basic services and still have extra money for entertainment. Unlike common myths and rumors, you won’t live like a king, but it will be more than enough for the average retiree.

What about legal issues? Can I stay indefinitely?

On this subject, there is a strict policy on visas and residence permits. If you’re over 50 years old, own a savings account of 25.000$ USD or more, or you can provide proof that you have a monthly income of 2.100 USD. You can opt for a One-year retirement visa, renewable every year.

Thailand Community

With the economic issues explained. Let’s talk about the social aspect, because let’s face it: no one wants to live alone. Thailand has a huge Expat community, with diverse residents from every country so you’ll be able to connect with familiar faces if you seek them.

Locals are welcoming to tourists and residents, so you’ll find it easy to adapt and socialize with the environment. Keep in mind that their culture is very different from western culture — so learn their traditions if you want a smooth transition.

One huge tip, learn the language! In touristic areas most people speak English, but unless you learn Thai you won’t be able to experience the real Thailand.

“Everything looks solid, but one little thing, I don’t want to retire with no one by my side…”

Thailand’s got you covered! If you like everything about the country but you’re concerned of being alone, you’ll find that Thais are romantically open-minded.

Finding Love

One of the main concerns about finding love in Thailand is what kind of love do you want? Do you want a long lasting truthful relationship? Just romantic Getaways? Meeting new and diverse partners?

It doesn’t matter what your answer is. Thailand has very broad and open minded community. They understand that foreign people feel attracted about them and their culture. If you want to meet locals and seek romantic companionship you’ll find your proposals answered — as long as you’re honest and clear about your intentions.

There is a common misconception that Thailand is a location for quick getaways. Western expats in the country remind us that there is more to the Country than just the touristic areas. Learn the language and the traditions, explore the inner locations of Thailand and you can find true love in the most unexpected places.

As a retiree you will have the funds to back you up. With no monetary worries you’ll have the serenity to seek out the perfect partner. Take your time to establish in one of the larger cities like Chiang Mai and once you feel ready, move around. Explore Thailand and you’ll find there is something for every niche.